Gifting Incentives

Please  join us in stewarding and fulfilling the promise for future generations through our Darling Donation Initiatives: The Jay N. Darling Institute at Drake University

Please email to confirm your gift and your address in order to receive your artwork. Telephone: 270.625.6815

Darling Duck Stamp 2023
18 Inches Wide, 24 Inches Height
Suggested Donation: $2,500.00

Timeless Flight
24 Inches Wide, 18 Inches Height
Suggested Donation: $2,500.00

12 Inches Wide, 10 Inches Height
Suggested Donation: $2,500.00

Darling’s Fish
Unframed – 27 1/2 Inches Wide, 17 Inches Height
Suggested Donation: $8,500.00

“Darling’s Brush”
Professionally Framed
Suggested Donation: $100,000.00