The Artist in Studio Program

R&T Lofts – Art in Living Spaces

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We are pleased to welcome Will Schaeuble as our first Artist in Studio. Will’s work will be exhibited at the R&T Lofts beginning in early 2018 with an opening reception. Meet Will!

Recently Will was accepted into the Art Institute of Chicago. In response to his acceptance, Schaeuble has stated “I am very excited and honored to be attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this fall. I am very thankful for so many people such as Sam Koltinsky and the Jay N. Darling Institute who have supported and helped me these past few years. I am very much looking forward to the next four years of my life, painting and drawing in Chicago. The themes in my artwork come from my everyday life experiences. Whether an idea comes to me from nature, time spent with friends, another artist’s work, or events around the world, these experiences influence my work. I am excited to advance my career as a studio and gallery artist, and Chicago is the perfect place to do that.” We are eager to see where Will’s work will take him!

Our second Artist in Studio is Jason Wilson of Dane Fabrications. Providing his expertise with wood and metalwork, Jason is helping to construct a display for a Darling Institute exhibit at Drake University.

Charity Mott will be our third addition to the Artist and Studio program. A 26-year-old self-taught artist living in Princeton, Kentucky, Charity gathers her inspiration from the natural surroundings. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful works that she creates as a part of this program. Get to know Charity!

Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Naples, Florida, is one of our inspirational locations for our Artist in Studio Program. For more information, please contact