Darling Institute Programs

The Jay N. Darling Institute is developing several programs that extend Darling’s legacy into the next generation and beyond.  In time we will develop additional programs.  Visit this site to learn more about them.

The Hidden Works of Jay N. Darling

This traveling exhibit shares artwork and other memorabilia displaying some of Darling’s lesser known talents and reinforcing his values.  You can learn more about the exhibit and its schedule here.

International Leadership

We are currently developing an internship which will help develop leadership skills.  Given Darling’s interest in other countries and his history of world travel the internship will have an international focus.

Artist in Studio

Darling was a prolific artist, he made prints, painted water colors, and sculpted.  In honor of his interest in art and specifically art featuring wildlife, the Institute will have an artist in residence exploring the relationship between art, nature, and conservation.

Next Steps…

We will develop these and other programs in time.  Please visit us regularly to learn about programs that develop people and extend Darling’s legacy.