Make Maynard’s Gift Your Gift

In celebrating Maynard Reece’s 100th birthday (April 26th, 2020) and his extraordinary legacy, we are extremely grateful and honored to share with you the Maynard Reece Master Edition, Five Federal Duck Stamp Designs, Limited Edition. The ten Master Editions which are numbered from 81-90 of 125 have been reserved and will enable us to raise support for the Darling Institute, as designated by the Reece Family. What an extraordinary way to connect the legacies of both Jay N. Darling and Maynard Reece and the Duck Stamp Program!

Please contact Sam Koltinsky for further information on reserving and securing one or more of the exquisite Master Editions.

The following is one of the Maynard Reece Master Editions, which includes his signed stamp. Your contribution would include the contents as seen but limited to numbers 80-91 of the 125 Limited Editions.