Federal Duck Stamp

Duck Stamp 2023
September 15-16

more than $1.1 billion for the acquisition and preservation of more than 6 million acres of wildlife habitat

Drake University to host the 2023 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Art Contest

A special Duck Stamp 2023 invitation from President “Marty” Martin

Official Drake University Press Release

Remembering Maynard Reece, Five-time Duck Stamp Winner!

Richie Prager, Duck Stamp enthusiast and former Duck Stamp judge, makes an exciting announcement about the 2023 Duck Stamp Competition. Congratulations to Drake University and Des Moines, Iowa!  See you in 2023!

Donor support for the Duck Stamp 2023 Contest is invaluable and truly appreciated. Would you consider “flying high with us in 2023”?

Listen to the story of the first Federal Duck Stamp in Darling’s own words.

An article from 1935 detailing Darling’s argument for the preservation of the wildlife resources as a solution to the declining duck population.

In a spirit of bipartisanship, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Governor Andy Beshear announced the approval of federal “Duck Stamp” funding for land acquisition to expand Green River National Wildlife Refuge in Henderson County, Kentucky.

Duck Stamp 2023 Honorary Committee Members

Earl Martin, President, Drake University
Christopher “Kip” and Andrea Koss, Darling’s grandson and his wife, Andrea Koss
Carolyn C. Hunter
Brad and Carolyn Reece
Mark and Barb Reece
Brigitte R. Koltinsky, Artist
Collin O’Mara, President/CEO, National Wildlife Federation
John Organ, Former Chief, USGS Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units
Dale Hall, Former CEO, Ducks Unlimited
Steve Williams, President, Wildlife Management Institute
Ron Regan, Executive Director, Association Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Andrew Rochon, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Wildlife Canada

Getting our Ducks in a Row Committee

Sam Koltinsky, Chairperson
John Smith, Vice President, Drake University
Keith Summerville, Professor, Environmental Science and Sustainability
Patricia Fralick, Darling Legacy Development
Richie Prager, Former Duck Stamp Judge, Executive Producer “Million Dollar Duck”, Avid Art Collector
Erica Hartschen, Assistant to the Vice President for University Advancement
Matt Miller, Drake University Events Manager
Rich & Nancy Houk, Canvasback Galleries
Matt Niebuhr, Artist