Mentors in Saskatchewan Honoring Artists (MISHA) Residency Pilot Program

About the Co-Directors

I am an interrupter, a social activist, a post-modernist, a disruptor and at times a shape-shifter. My current interests are works that generally examines different forms of arts adapted to conceptual performances that question the battle between counterculture and mass manipulated perceptions. I adopt personas to challenge the oppressors and question normative standards. My body and characters become the main vessel to bring together anonymous interventions, human installations, social activism, cultural resistance, photography, painting and poetry. The projects navigate concepts of identity, post-colonialism, prophecy, construction of paradigms, anti-prophecy and the perceptions of different realities.

Alejandro Romero

I want my work to be participatory, site specific and at times anonymous to challenge the idea of ownership and preservation. Some of the work only exists in the memory of those who participate and/or witness it. I choose to not document my work as a reaction to the establishment and for self-preservation.

As serious as Darling was with his pursuit of conservation and the wise use of our natural resources, he at the same time had a very whimsical and passionate outlook on life. Darling helped found the Art Center in Des Moines, Iowa. He was a musician, he sang, he designed furniture, he designed buildings and always had a sketchbook in his hand. He worked at the Des Moines Register under Gardner Cowles. I credit Mr. Cowles for much of Darling’s success because he gave Darling the one thing that all artists need…autonomy.
Come join us at Hannin Creek for what I promise to be a once in a lifetime retreat of discovery.

Sam Koltinsky