Darling Discoveries

Meet Merle Houts Strasser, Darling’s personal assistant for 30 years. I received a phone call the day before my birthday this past year. I answered the phone to Mrs. Strasser’s niece, Carolyn Houts Gilbert from Boise, Idaho. Well, the rest is history, with the arrival several weeks later of a package containing books, photos, and future exhibit materials. Merle’s dedication and standard of excellence has been and is an asset to the world. She is responsible for hundreds of hours of transcripts, 1000’s of letters, travel logs, Des Moines Register duties, along with keeping up with “Ding”… not an easy task! I now can feature Mrs. Strasser in our traveling Exhibit along with Darling’s request to her for the distribution of his Farewell Cartoon upon his death in 1962. Now a  small part of her legacy will be there for generations to come. Special thanks to Karen Houts Whiting for sharing her “Aunt Merle’s” stories.

Merle Houts and Harry Strasser Wedding on August 25, 1935